EnergyWatchBalkans, Montenegro: Gov prepares 100MEUR tender for small HPPs

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The Government is preparing to announce a public tender for granting concessions for the construction of small hydropower plants on three watercourses – Bukovica basin Komarnica in Savnik, Ibristica basin Moraca, Kolasin municipality and watercourse Stitaricka, Tara basin in the municipality of Mojkovac.

– Hydrological measurements and studies show that the potential total installed capacity on watercourses is 7.2 megawatts, with an estimated total annual electricity production of 30.9 GWh – said in the Ministry of Economy for “Pobjeda”. Tendering, as said in the Ministry of Economy for “Pobjeda”, will be preceded by defining the Concession Act, which is now in the public debate which ends on June 12th.

– Current concession agreements, envisages the construction of 41 small hydropower plants with a total installed capacity of about 72 megawatts and planned annual production of about 244 gigawatts. The value of investments for all planned small hydropower plants is around 109 MEUR- stand out from the Ministry of Economy which conducts a public hearing for the Draft Concession Act for concession award for water flows exploitation for construction of small hydropower plants in Montenegro.

– The aim is to familiarize all interested parties with the current draft concession act on the basis of which the tender will be announced – explain in the ministry.

Small hydropower plants on these watercourses are planned in local planning documents. – For objects of small hydropower plants will be offered an approximate solution of the connection to the power system of Montenegro by the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro – state in the Ministry.

So far, they say, have been realized significant activities within the projects of construction of small hydropower plants on a large number of watercourses.

– The first small hydropower plant was put into operation in March 2013th. Late last year and earlier this year was completed the construction of another 6 small hydropower plants, of which for four were issued use permit – they resemble. On the occasion of this public debate the central roundtable was recently held in Podgorica. – Selection of water streams was performed on the basis of hydrological data and research on specific micro locations of watercourses performed by the Institute for Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro – explain in the Ministry of Economy.


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