Environment protection in the first place at Eliksir Zorka company in Serbia

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The company Eliksir Zorka in Šabac, Serbia, is taking care of the environment, strict EU regulations on the permitted limits of air pollution are applied here – modern French technology is already applied. Due to the additional improvement of environmental protection, the company invests in state-of-the-art filters. Another 1.2m euros will be invested in environmental protection. Despite the conditions caused by the virus pandemic, Eliksir Zorka produced 65,000 tons of artificial fertilizers, enough for spring sowing.


– It is very important to remind that air quality measurements are performed continuously and that, by order of the city, additional air quality measurements are performed, and that we do that on our continuous meter. Air pollution is influenced by numerous factors, so this should be kept in mind – along with industry, certainly traffic, and during the past winter months, a large number of individual heating szstems. Even during the biggest air pollution in Serbia at the beginning of the year, when many cities were on the list of the most polluted, Šabac was not among them. At the same time, it is important that the measurements are performed by competent institutions. The Šabac and Belgrade Institutes of Public Health won the job at the city tender, and all measurement results are publicly available.

Sometimes the smoke cloud is more visible on our final emitter (chimney), which can cause concern among citizens, but the visibility of the smoke does not mean the presence of illicit substances. The smoke is water vapour in its composition, whose visibility is also affected by other elements such as humidity, wind, temperature. During the production process, up to 30 tons of water vapour are obtained per hour. Eliksir Zorka uses only natural gas as an energy source in the production process, which is our additional responsibility and the most environmentally friendly solution, says Ljiljana Stanojevic, advisor to the General Manager of Eliksir Group.

Since mid-December, when the demister was installed, which additionally affects the reduction of gas emissions, all measurements show additionally reduced values, many times lower than those allowed by law. Seven washers, two cyclone batteries and seven bag filters are used to purify gases in the production process. In the final broadcaster, which is also a flusher, a demister was additionally installed in December. At the upper end of the washer, a demister about 152 millimetres thick was placed on a special support, consisting of a total of eight layers of mesh structure protected by an upper and lower grid. This filling achieves efficient separation of the liquid from the gaseous phase and solids, retaining the finest particles, passing purified water vapour into the emitter. Although it was within the allowed values ​​before, after this intervention, the values ​​of emission were significantly reduced, for some fertilizer formulations up to 40 percent.

The company will, in addition to the built-in demister, also install an additional gas pre-washer. The project documentation is being prepared, because it is a very demanding endeavor and a valuable investment. It should be noted that this is the most important and most significant activity that should provide the best end result, and this investment is worth about 1.2 million euros. In addition to installing the most modern filters, this company donated 400 trees for Savapark, and 30 million dinars for the fight against the pandemic.

Source: danas.rs

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