Environmental awareness awakening of Montenegro

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After a number of years of almost undisturbed environmental pollution in various locations, even where it is prohibited by law, in Montenegro, in the last few days, there has been news of repairs to damaged pockets of nature and the news is initiated legal proceedings against pollution. A small step for nature, a big one for humanity.

The Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Urbanism will start cleaning Skadar Lake. As Vijesti writes: “The goal of this action is to inspire and encourage perseverance in the fight for a healthy environment and a more comfortable life for future generations.” As a need for this action, the Ministry cites the epidemic: “The current crisis caused by the Kovid-19 virus pandemic has confirmed the huge impact of human factors on the environment, and it is necessary to continue activities aimed at restoring a healthy environment, protecting biodiversity, reducing waste. reduced the negative impact on human health and improved the quality of life, which can only be achieved through concerted efforts and shared responsibility”.

The second action concerns inadequate waste storage in the town of Kolasin, where there is almost no infrastructure. Although the competent services believe that the problem is not only in them, but also in citizens who lack “built awareness”, it should be noted that awareness comes after the infrastructure, because in order for the competent services to recognize awareness if there are not enough containers in the city. according to the services themselves, “they are not located in adequate locations”. However, this problem is also beginning to be remedied, and the construction of infrastructure will be financed by the European Union.

It also seems important to the Chinese what kind of voices are being fought about them in Europe, so China Road and Bridge Corporation announced that it will repair the most damaged part of the Tara River in the length of 500 meters near the town of Kolasin, which we have already mentioned. It is about the damage they caused during the construction of the Bar-Boljare highway. They received permission for the rehabilitation of this area under the protection of UNESCO from the Montenegrin authorities, for the second time. Namely, last year their permission was denied because the remediation plan they submitted was not in accordance with the instructions of the competent authorities. The CRBC was then asked to offer a second plan, this time in line with the requirements, which the Chinese did, so the rehabilitation of the Tara River bank is expected to be completed by October this year. Construction activities such as the striking extraction and disposal of gravel from the protected river and in it “led to turbidity of the river of national importance, while the deepening of the 500-meter-long bed affected the biodiversity of Tara”, so on March 3, the Montenegrin Prosecutor’s Office launched the first state investigation. damage to the environment under UNESCO protection, under the accusation that the company began construction of the facility without obtaining environmental permits.

Source: bulletin.org


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