Environmental organizations are seeking termination of the construction of three dams on the Drina in BiH

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Regarding plans to build three dams on the upper course of the Drina River in Bosnia and Herzegovina, NGOs, river protection and extreme water sports societies, warned in a joint statement that it was necessary to stop this construction.

They say that the unique beauties of the Drina must be protected, primarily because they represent the habitat of strictly protected species and the world’s most important habitat of endangered juvenile fish (Hucho hucho), but also because the Drina is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination.

The laying of the foundation stone for the hydroelectric power plant “Buk Bijela” as well as the works will be performed jointly by Elektroprovreda Republike Srpske and Elektroprivreda Srbije. The plan is to build three hydro-accumulations on the upper Drina – “Buk Bijela”, “Foca” and “Paunci”, which would have a total capacity of about 180 MW.

“Not only have Tara and Drina been popular for rafting and kayaking for many years, they represent the true pearls of the Balkans with their beauty. The construction of the planned hydro-accumulations on the Drina will completely destroy almost 30 kilometers of flow, and it poses a threat to the health of the citizens of Foča and its surroundings, “added Viktor Bjelić from the Center for the Environment in Banja Luka.

As he concludes, accordingly, the need to preserve rivers for future generations, precisely in the intact form given to us, must not be called into question.

Source: energetskiportal.rs