EU experts will declare investments in nuclear energy environmentally friendly

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European Union experts in charge of assessing nuclear energy from an environmental point of view will announce that it is sustainable, so that investments in that area can be approved, it is stated in the document that Reuters has insight into, reports Agerpres.

The European Commission is trying to finalize the nomenclature of sustainable financing, according to which investments in EU economic activities can be classified according to strict environmental criteria.

Experts in Brussels last year failed to reach a consensus on a “green label” for nuclear energy. They acknowledged that it produces very little carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming, but that further analyzes of the environmental impact of radioactive waste disposal are needed.

The Commission has asked the Joint Research Center (JRC) to draw up a report on this topic. Reuters had an insight into the preliminary version of the document, which will be published next week, and refers to the statement that “analyzes did not find scientifically substantiated evidence that nuclear energy is more harmful to human health or the environment than other technologies for electricity production.”

The JRC considers the storage of nuclear waste in deep geological formations to be “appropriate and safe”, citing the examples of France and Finland, where the development of such sites is at an advanced stage.

The JRC report will be examined by two expert committees three months before the final decision of the European Commission.

The Czech Republic, France, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary called on the Commission this week to support the EU’s nuclear sector.

Austria and other countries oppose the use of nuclear energy, insisting on the dangers posed by waste and the growing delays and costs of recent projects.

European countries also disagree on the natural gas sector. Some states are calling for consideration of this alternative to coal, which pollutes even more, while others say the new power plants risk maintaining greenhouse gas emissions for decades. The European Commission made plans this month to label only certain gas uses as environmentally friendly.