EU: Introducing the excise tax on gas

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The government is preparing to introduce excise duty on natural gas, the Ministry of Finance, which has prepared a draft amendment of the Law on Excise Tax, told Pobjeda daily.

The Ministry did not answer the question what will be the excise because, as they said, the legal text is now only in draft form and the Government hasn’t adopted it yet.

The plan is to also highlight the mineral oils (petroleum products) in special colors.

“This bill provides for the introduction of a new excise product, or natural gas, which is classified according to European legislation in excise products. The law envisages marking mineral oils with separate colors, but this obligation would have to be postponed because of the need to provide technical conditions for this process”, explained the ministry.

The draft law also improves the process of return of money to taxpayers who are entitled to a refund of excise duty.

Amendments to the law on excise duties were on the agenda of the government last Thursday, but were “removed” for procedural reasons.

“The law will be reviewed after the receipt of the opinion of the European Commission. Amendments to the Law on Excise Duty have not yet been adopted by the Government for procedural reasons, that is, because the opinion of the European Commission hasn’t been delivered yet. This opinion is in the process of accession always necessary when it comes to regulations that need synchronization”, the Ministry explained.

Amendments to the Law on Excise gradually harmonize national legislation with the EU acquis.

“Every year, new regulation is introduced or changed in order to complete the harmonization of regulations”, the Ministry added.

Source; Agencies

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