EU: Renewable energy producers fighting over consumers’ money

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A true media battle is currently under way involving all sorts of associations representing green energy producers that seem to have mushroomed lately. Lately, they have put together a genuine media lobby ‘cartel’ that threatens – directly or more obliquely – the Government and regulatory bodies, complaining about loss of profits following the cutting of sums end users pay to them.

Professional organisations in the industry have put together a genuine media lobby ‘cartel’

The regulations in place up until one or two years ago were irrational and far too profitable and underserved as far as the recipients were concerned.

Romania reached its quota of green energy in the total electricity used a long time ago. It is time for us to slow down these investments made – we repeat – at the expense of end-users – population and industry.

According to Eurostat, in 2013, Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Austria had a weight of over 30% green energy in the total electricity use. Romania (23%), alongside Portugal, Denmark, Slovenia, Estonia and Lithuania were in the second platoon in the ranking of countries with most renewable energy in the total of electricity they were using. States and companies in those states that are trying to take advantage of the weaknesses of Romanian legislation in the field are very poorly equipped in terms of renewable energies. They are Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, France etc. Roughly all Western Europe plus Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Chiscani photovoltaic farm with installed power of approx. 1.7 MW

Meanwhile, a large photovoltaic farm is opening today in the locality of Chiscani, Braila County. It has been developed by a state-owned company. If we are not wrong, this is the first major investment in renewable energy by a state-owned operator.

‘The photovoltaic farm and the 1.7 MW electric station at Chiscani, Braila County, are the first such investment by a totally state-owned company’, Eduard Olteanu, CEO of Electrocentrale Grup S.A. said. The investment was developed with the company’s own funds, the total approximate value being RON 11 M (EUR 2.4 M), leading to a specific cost of EUR 1.4 M/MW. According to the economic analysis of the investment, the amortisation will take 9.3 years, whilst the life span of the plant is 25 years. ‘The investment is also sustained by the fact that, apart from the revenue obtained for the electricity we sell, we also raise funds from the sale of green certificates’, the Electrocentrale Grup official further noted.

The construction and assembling of the 1.7 MW photovoltaic power station at Chiscani were over at the end of February 2015. The photovoltaic farm was completely connected to the national power grid in June 2015. The procedure of testing and approval under ANRE Order No. 74/2014 is currently in progress.

Energy Ministry officials, representatives of the developer and other companies who had participated in the project were present for the opening event.

Source; Nine o’clock

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