Europe: Who is the worst in the EU ‘exporting’ deadly coal production

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Poland, Germany and Romania are the EU’s worst when it comes to ‘exporting’ deadly fumes from their coal-fired power plants, a groundbreaking new report has claimed.

The trio’s coal pollution caused an estimated 8,840 premature deaths beyond their own borders, according to the analysis, produced by an alliance of environmental groups.

The report, Europe’s Dark Cloud, is the first of to look at the cross-border harm of coal-fired power plants.

It looked at 257 coal plants across the EU, claiming they caused an estimated 22,900 premature deaths in 2013, on top of their environmental harm.

The EU states worst-hit by coal pollution from other countries were Germany, Italy and France.

Who is the worst for exporting deadly coal pollution?
Poland is by far and away the EU’s worst offender. The report claims its coal-fired power plants are responsible for an estimated 4,690 premature deaths outside its borders and 1,140 within them.

The country produces around 85 percent of its electricity from coal and coal miners have a powerful presence in domestic politics.

Poland president Andrzej Duda has rejected the idea of the country – worried about being too reliant on Russia for its energy – weaning itself off fossil fuels, despite a target for it to produce 15 percent of its energy consumption from renewable sources.