EU’s Just Transition Fund for energy sectors

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The EU plans to reduce all carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050. One can often hear that this plan is more than ambitious. However, the tax that is taking air pollution in terms of the growing number of respiratory diseases, certainly speaks of the need for fundamental reforms in the field of energy.

The poorer countries of Central and Eastern Europe are already in a hurry to submit their projects to Brussels, which are related to a fair transition. Among the problems is often the lack of professional people, necessary for this transition.

The EU has already formed the Fund for Fair Transitions, which is worth 17.5 billion euros, reports the Euractiv portal. The goal of the fund is to help countries that rely on coal-fired electricity financially during the transition to more environmentally sustainable ones.

During the transition to renewable energy sources, the EU plans to help preserve jobs in the countries that rely most on coal-fired power generation.

This primarily refers to people who work in coal mines and thermal power plants, because otherwise they could find themselves on the streets without basic income.

However, there are more and more opinions that it is easier said than done.

To this should be added the differences faced by state-owned companies and private companies in decarbonising electricity production, so the simple transition from coal to renewables is becoming increasingly complex.

The most recent example comes from Serbia, where the competent Ministry of Mining and Energy announced that it would suspend plans for the construction of the Kolubara B thermal power plant.

The dismissal of Minister Zorana Mihajlovic was even requested, who most likely announced the announcement of the suspension of construction precisely because of the disagreement of official Brussels with that project.



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