First Biogaz completed a biogas station in Ardud Romania

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First Biogaz SRL, a member of Biogest Austria, completed a biogas station in Ardud, Satu-Mare county Romania, using a loan obtained from the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), shows a press release from
“The biogas station – an investment worth about EUR5.3 million – has an installed capacity of 1.5 MW and the electricity generated can cover energy needs for approximately 4,500 households. From the leadership of the banking system in Romania, BCR confirms its strategy to support the local economy, including the renewable energy sector, especially since the investment in biogas and biomass are in line with the new directions of development of the renewable industry set by the relevant authorities,” said Ioana Gheorghiade, executive director for public sector and infrastructure financing branch of BCR.
Biogas is a renewable energy source that offers technological, environmental and economic advantages. The energy can be generated 365 days a year at any time of day or night, ideal for the growing electricity demand. This availability of biogas gives it an important role in the energy mix from renewable sources such as water, sun and wind. At the same time, it contributes to the objectives of environmental protection and reduces the dependency on energy imports.
Biogest is an international manufacturer of biogas plants, based in Austria, also present in UK, Italy, Serbia and the Czech Republic. The main activity of Biogest varies from project development, planning, financing, construction and operation of turnkey power plants with an installed power between 100 kW and 3.5 MW. So far, the company has completed more than 90 biogas plant projects in Europe.
This biogas plant, which is built based on the Biogest PowerRing technology, tested and confirmed in numerous occasions, reaps the benefits of energy efficiency and reliability, while saving space through its modular design. For the first time, the installation from Ardud will not only use energy crops, but will draw extensively on secondary agricultural products such as corn stalks.
Reasearch and development activities carried out at Biogest focus on exploring the potential for exploitation of alternative raw materials in order to reduce costs with the substrate and create a perfect symbiosis between food and energy production. Ardud will experiment and use some perennials substrate plants, thereby converting this facility into a flagship centre for the region.
Given the general economic situation and considerable available agricultural resources, Romania is an important target for renewable energy investments on biogas, the statement concludes reports RRI.


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