First, the environmental impact assessment, then the permit for the exploitation of lithium in Serbia

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When it comes to Rio Tinto’s project on the exploitation of lithium in Serbia, the Minister of Environmental Protection, Irena Vujović, says that no one will get a permit before assessing the impact on the environment. The fight for jobs and a better standard of citizens will not be to the detriment of preserving the environment, said Minister Irena Vujović.

“Once the assessment is completed, it will be transparent and accessible to the public. Both the profession and individuals will be able to express opinions and give suggestions, and every company that operates must respect the laws of our country,” Minister Vujović emphasized.

In addition to the fight for new jobs and a better standard of living for citizens, the preservation of the environment must also be taken into account.

The Minister announced that the ship-laboratory “Argus”, which we received with the help of the German government, will take samples from the Danube and the Sava on the territory of Belgrade and analyze the water quality.

“That ship is also used as a research center, and it is also used by students in practice, which is why its importance is great,” said Minister Vujović.

At the end of the conversation, the Minister said that they are working on resolving the so-called historical waste or waste that is not adequately stored, and is in factories in bankruptcy and similar facilities.

“For the first time, Serbia is fighting to solve decades-long problems in a way that is the only acceptable one,” said Irena Vujović.



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