FYR Macedonian Biogas plant owner turns waste into electricity

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Arben Abdurahmani, owner of the Veze Sharri company based near Tetovo spoke with (FYR) Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Pesevski about the pro-business regulation being introduced and the way it is affecting his large chicken farm. Abdurahmani said that, since he brought German capital in 2000 to open his meat processing plant and eventually a large poultry farm, he has seen major improvements in the ease of developing real-estate and relaxing the rules for hiring workers.
“We were helped by the Government in developing our business, among other things in the approval of the feed-in tariff scheme that will allow us to develop our new biogas energy producing plant”, Abdurahmani said. Veze Sharri was the first company to build a biogas electricity plant, that uses waste produced by the farm and other farms to produce electricity, which can not only power the farm, but can also be sold into the distribution network for a profit.
“We stopped throw anything away. The entire waste we produce is used in the plant, and we even collect waste from other farms, and transform it into biogas. Finally, we turn it into fertilizer that we export to Germany”, Abdurahmani said, adding that he was hoping to take the number of employees over 100 by the end of 2015, but after a number of subsidies for hiring, managed to get Veze Sharri to 108 employees in 2014.
Gruevski and Pesevski visited his farm in the village of Trebos at the end of their trip to Tetovo, where they looked into the continuing clean up efforts after the devastating floods early last week.
“We are in constant communication with companies operating in (FYR) Macedonia, we keep asking them for suggestions for further changes in the regulations that would be beneficial for them, knowing that ultimately it is up to them to work under the regulatory regime we put in place. Everything we do to improve the business climate is seen in the results accomplished by companies that have vision, understand the market and have export potential, such as Veze Sharri”, Deputy Prime Minister Pesevski added reports the Government.

source: balkans.com

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