Hazardous materials to be stored outside Montenegro

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A strategic assessment of the environmental impact of exploration and production of oil and gas in the Montenegrin coast, to which the daily newspaper Dnevne Novine had access, identified sensitive areas as well as key measures to mitigate the impact. All measures prescribed by the study are binding on all companies that will carry out related activities on the territory of Montenegro.
No activity related to the exploration and production of oil and gas can be launched before the consent on the study on the environmental impact is given.

Government has stipulated the principle of “zero discharge” of products by drilling into the sea. All drilling products must be properly packaged and stored in accordance with given regulations.

The state has also prescribed the obligation of disposal of hazardous and harmful waste created as a result of activities related to exploration and production, beyond the borders of Montenegro. Montenegro finds it very important that there will be no unnecessary emissions into the air.

The minimum burning of gas – “safety flaring” – is permitted for security reasons.

In order to protect marine fauna and biodiversity, periods of migration and seasonal effects must also be strictly observed and respected.

Operators involved with exploration and production of hydrocarbons will respect strict procedures to avoid accidental release of chemicals / hydrocarbons in the Adriatic Sea. This includes development of security studies and action plans in case of oil spills, to be prepared before launching of any activity.

Prior to any activity on the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, operators must make a comprehensive record of the seabed in order to determine its susceptibility and whether the presence of foreign objects could have an impact on the environment, or human health.

source: cdm.me

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