Hidroelectrica completed the longest water transport tunnel after 1984

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Hidroelectrica announced it had completed the longest water transport tunnel after 1984, of 16.7 km that starts at Basca Mare and ends at Nehoiasu that will generate an additional 171.8 GW of power a year Hidroelectrica official receiver Remus Borza said Thursday, when the last front of the canal was drilled.

“This is the third water transport canal in Romania after the Lotru Ciunget of nearly 18 km and Raul Mare Retezat, 17.6 km. Works started here in 1981 and, after so many years of toils and sacrifices a highly complex work, because it geographically covers three counties — Covasna, Buzau and Vrancea — is completed. It harnesses various tributaries and in the end this new 17-km tunnel will mean additional 171.8 GW of energy a year,” said Borza.

He explained that the water transport tunnel takes water from a reservoir of 282,000 cubic metres at Surduc and channels it to a 55 MW aggregate at the Nehoiasu power plant to be mounted and commissioned in 2017. Two more aggregates of 21 MW each will also be commissioned there.

Also attending the event was Energy Minister Andrei Gerea, who said his presence was meant to acknowledge the efforts deployed and his wish for encouraging keeping up the investment pace.
Borza also said that on September 1 he hired 10 energy or hydropower engineering graduates on Hidrolectrica grants that graduated as best achievers. Among them is Mirela Moga, a graduate with a perfect score of 10 at the Hydropower Engineering Faculty of Timisoara, about whom Borza said could be appointed branch manager in two years&prime.

source: thediplomat.ro

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