Montenegro: Hoping for new jobs and heating system

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A survey on the constructuon of the Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja second block done by the Center for Monitoring and Research showed that almost 68% people in Pljevlja support this project.

Percentage of opponents is three times lower, whereas one in nine citizens has no opinion, it was reported by Dnevne Novine newspaper.

By construction of the second block, residents of Pljevlja are expecting increasing employment rate, as well as installing promised heating system in the town.

“Municipality of Pljevlja has relatively high unemployment rate and citizens expect the new block to bring new jobs. In addition, citizens expect installing heating system in the town and improving environmental situation”, CEMI explained.

“We can say that there’s practicaly a consensus that companies in Pljevlja don’t invest enough in the community development and only 6.5% of them believe they do. When asked what companies should invest into within corporate social responsibility programmes, respondents mostly opted for healthcare system, education, environment, culture and art”, CEMI stated.

Citizens satisfied with service quality

As CEMI explained, satisfaction by the quality of the service by Electric Power Company of Montenegro remained at the same high level compared to July of last year, and slightly increased compared to November of 2014.

“Citizens are today satisfied by the quality of service at reception offices, internet page, clarity and simplicity of the bills, reliability and general communication that they have with EPCG”, CEMI said.