Hungary: Assessment of the environmental impact of the Paks II NPP

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In a series of public forums, organized during the preparatory phase of the construction of nuclear power plant MVM Paks II, three thousand people participated, getting an overall picture about the assessment of the project’s environmental impact. The short version of the impact of power plant’s construction and operation on the environment is available on the company’s website.

The presented study of the environmental impact provides information about the plant, technical conditions, construction details and operating in the future, the impact on land, air, wildlife, settlements close to the power plant and social impact. The study shows that the environmental impact is very limited. During its operation, the only significant impact is going to be the releasing of hot water in the Danube, but the study shows that this effect can be limited and controlled so that the river’s flora and fauna remain unchanged.

During the construction of the power plant, a higher level of noise and a temporary reduction in the level of groundwater at the site of construction is expected, which will not exceed the level of natural fluctuations. In future operation, after 2026, nuclear units will not emit harmful emissions into the air during normal regime.


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