Hungary last in national energy and climate plans ranking

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Hungary has been ranked last in terms of its National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) by the European Federation for Transport and Environment, commonly referred to as Transport & Environment, the umbrella organization for NGOs said on its website.

All European member states had to submit before the end of last year their draft plans on how to achieve 2030 energy and climate targets, the so-called draft NECPs, which T&E analyzed and ranked from a transport perspective.

The organization wanted to know if the draft NECPs were compatible with 2030 targets and, more importantly, if they were aligned with longer-term transport decarburization, based on previous T&E work on the topic.

If an NECP includes all of the recommendations of T&E, it receives 100 points. The Dutch plan scored best with 73 points, largely driven by the country’s plan to ban the internal combustion engine in new car sales from 2030.

The Hungarian plan gained just 13 points. The main reason for this is that the document contains few concrete measures, and does not outline further projects, Hungarian news portal noted.

Transport & Environment’s mission is to promote, at EU and global level, a transport policy based on the principles of sustainable development, according to its website. Transport policy should minimize harmful impacts on the environment and health, maximize efficiency of resources, including energy and land, and guarantee safety and sufficient access for all, it adds.


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