Hungary: Veolia took over two CHP power plants

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Combined power plants in the cities Debrecen and Nyiregyhaza since july are owned by Veolia Energy.

Combined power plants which are part of district heating system are now owned by Veolia,while a small gas power plant remains in the E.ON ’s ownership.

By purchasing a plant with capacity of 760 MW for thermal energy production and 160 MW for electricity energy production, Veolia group has expanded its portfolio in Hungary.

In the company’s statement it is said that the change of ownership will have no impact on users of the district heating system.

The agreement on the takeover of power plants, Veolia company and former owner of E.ON Hungary, was signed in Septembar 2014. Transaction in March was declined by the Hungary Agency for Protection of Competation.

Veolia representative, Volar Atila, said that he expected increase in the number of district heating system clients to 110.000 , as well as increase in the number of institutional clients to tens of thousands. He added that the company intended to participate in the district heating market as a professional investor and that he had long-term plans.

Atila added that the main aims of company are strengthening the supply security, improving efficiency and sustainability, taking into account interests of local people.

The power plant in Debrecen, the second largest city in the country, supplies with heating more than 31.000 households and 2.200 other consumers by the district heating system 88 kilometers long. The power plant in Nyiregyhaz supplies thermal energy to more than 15.000 households and more than 1000 other consumers.

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