IAEA experts are studying a preliminary report on the safety of the Pax II project in Hungary

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The Hungarian Atomic Energy Administration has sent a preliminary report on the safety of the Pax II project for consideration to independent international experts, through the International Atomic Energy Agency. The application for the implementation of the license for the Pax II project is based on a preliminary safety report, Rosatom announced.

Paks II Zrt, a Hungarian client of Rosatom in the Paks II nuclear power plant project, applied for a permit for implementation to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Administration on June 30, 2020. The document consists of over 280,000 pages, and one of its key parts is the safety chapter in a statement posted on the Rosatom Group’s website.

“The fact that the preliminary Paks II safety report has been submitted to independent international experts shows that the licensing of the Paks II nuclear power plant is progressing according to plan and that the project is in line with the strictest international standards,” said Alexander Merten, Rosatom Advisor and Senior Vice President of Rosatom network.

“The preparation of the request for the issuance of the permit is the result of many years of cooperation between Russian and Hungarian nuclear energy experts.” Once the license is obtained, new, 3+ production units of the Paks nuclear power plant will be built to provide Hungary with clean energy in the coming decades, “said Alexander Khazin, senior vice president of ASE Engineering Company and project director of NE Paks II.

License applications are currently being prepared for works on the foundation and construction of the border wall, and after obtaining the license, works on the foundations necessary before the construction of the Pax II Nuclear Power Plant could start in 2021. The construction site is currently being prepared on site, according to Rosatom.

Source: rosatom.ru