In the next period, Eni and Novatek will start offshore exploration in Montenegro

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The final preparations of the plant that will perform the first exploratory drilling in the Montenegrin submarine have been completed in Malta, and Topaz Driller headed to the Montenegrin waters, the Hydrocarbons Administration announced.

If weather conditions allow, Topaz Driller will arrive at the location where the first exploratory drilling is planned in the next seven days.

“The first exploratory drilling is being carried out in accordance with the Work Program of the Concession Agreement for Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons with the concessionaires Eni and Novatek, which was signed in September 2016,” the statement reads.

The Administration reminds that the concessionaires Eni and Novatek, in accordance with the obligations from the Work Program of the Concession Agreement for exploration and production of hydrocarbons, performed 3D seismic surveys at the end of 2018, and during 2019 the collected data were processed, as well as geological and geophysical studies.

Based on the processed data, the prospectus for which the first exploratory drilling is performed is defined. At the beginning of 2020, geomechanical testing of the soil at microlocations was completed, in order to determine the geomechanical properties of the seabed, due to the safety of installing the Jack Up platform.

A logistics base has been established in the Port of Bar, in which most of the material that will be used during drilling has been delivered. Also, in accordance with the epidemiological measures, the crew that should inspect and equip the platform is already in quarantine in Podgorica, according to the announcement.