Increasing the fee for green energy in Serbia next year

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The fee for the incentive of privileged electricity producers, which is paid by citizens and the economy, has been increased by about five times.

The Government of Serbia has passed a decree which envisages an increase in the fee for incentives for privileged producers of electricity from renewable sources for 2021, which will be 0.437 dinars per kWh instead of the previous 0.093 dinars per kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed.

The decree was passed by the Government of Serbia on December 18, it was published in the Official Gazette.

This fee was last increased in 2015 from 0.081 dinars per kWh to 0.093 dinars per kWh. It was introduced in 2013 to provide funds to encourage production from renewable energy sources. It was announced that the price of electricity will increase by 3.4 percent in February, which will increase the electricity bill by an average of about 150 dinars.