Concession agreement signed for the construction of Bosnia Herzegovina wind farm “Hrgud”

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Bosnia Herzegovina’s Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the RS Petar Đokić and General Manager of “Elektroprivreda RS” Branislava Milekić have signed a concession agreement for the construction of wind farm “Hrgud” in Berkovići for a period of 50 years.The wind park will be composed of 16 wind turbines with total installed capacity of 48 MW and the project will be implemented over the next few years. The total value of the project is approximately 65 million € .
Project will be financed with 60 million € loan from a German bank, while Elektroprivreda RS will provide the rest of the costs. A concession to build a wind farm at Trusina in the municipality of Nevesinje has been granted previously to the company “Eol Prvi” that would be technically completed in 2018.
German Development Bank provided 600,000 € of donor resources in 2012 ,on which they started the research on wind characteristics in five promising locations in Herzegovina reports FIPA.


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