Kosovo: Italian company will build hydroelectric plant

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It will start in a couple of weeks, the construction of a hydroelectric plant by 5 mega watts in Kotlina, a few dozen kilometers from the border with Macedonia.

The plant, with an investment of 7.5 million Euros, will be built by the Italian Lumiei Impianti, based in Sauris.

The company got the job thanks to more than twenty years of experience in the design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation hydroelectric plants.

Obtained all the authorizations from the Kosovo’s Government, the Lumiei Impianti is now ready to start its work by February 2017. The construction will last approximately 12 months.

”In Kosovo there is a huge potential for development in hydroelectric – explains Paolo Di Benedetto, who will coordinate the on-site works – As assured the company’s know-how, Kosovo provides its confidence to foreign investors like us.

We are proud of this. We are ready to perform the most of our work, confirming the goodness of Made in Italy, also in this sector”.

source: ansa.it

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