Kosovo: World Bank grant for increasing electricity production from RES

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The Government of Kosovo and the International Development Association, a part of the World Bank Group, have signed the agreement on a 9.4 million euros grant.

The grant is a part of 32.5 million dollars support project, provided by the World Bank for the support of increasing electricity production from renewable sources and boosting energy efficiency.

According to Kosovo’s Ministry of Finance, the project will result in increasing energy efficiency in public building, while the funds will also be allocated for policy and regulatory framework development in the renewable energy sector.

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project started in June 2014 and it is scheduled to complete in August 2020. It has reduced fossil fuel use for heating in public buildings by 1,564 tons of oil equivalent by late 2019.

The project objectives are to reduce energy consumption and fossil fuel use in public buildings through energy efficiency and renewable energy investments and to enhance the policy and regulatory environment for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Source: serbia-energy.eu

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