“Let’s protect Jadar and Radjevina” and the Coalition for Sustainable Mining protest against lithium mine in Serbia

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The Association of Citizens “Let’s Protect Jadar and Radjevina” and the Coalition for Sustainable Mining in Serbia, continued the protest against that investment in the Loznica area with “Dialogue on the plan for the exploitation of Jadrit” in the Media Center in Belgrade.

They oppose the construction of the mine because, they say, their expert analyzes show that it is unprofitable and unsafe for people and the environment. They also estimate that the investor is late not only with the environmental, but also with other studies on the project.

“The mode of exploitation itself has not been determined. Before the adoption of the Spatial Plan and the mine and landfill, several studies had to be done. One of the first was to be an agro-economic study to see when we would have, and whether we would benefit from what and what we will lose if we leave agriculture. The second study had to be sociological, the sociological study is very important, what will happen to people who emigrate and how it will fit in other environments. The third study had to be anthropological, “said Momcilo Alimpić, president of the Association “Let’s protect Jadar and Radjevina.”

Source: rts.rs