Letters of complaint on the opening of a lithium mine in Serbia and petty revenge of Rio Tinto

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In early April, during the action against Rio Tinto, and in the week before their AGM (annual shareholders’ meeting), people around the world, via the London Mining Network Platform (LMN), sent almost 1000 emails to various RT directors to complain about the negative consequences of their actions worldwide.

Of these, over 600 e-mails are letters to the General Manager of Rio Tinto against the opening of lithium mine in Serbia, compiled by partner organizations Earth Thrive, a member of LMN & Protect Jadar and Radjevina, representatives of the local community. And about 400 are from another general letter.

In response to this action of mass sending of emails – Rio Tinto will respond to each of these 1000 emails, putting in cc the main coordinator of LMN who is responsible for sending these letters (because he inserted the emails of the director) and who refused to meet with to them before AGM (and so give them legitimacy as if they were doing something with communities) – which is actually spiffing!

Obviously – the second largest mining corporation in the world, with a profit of over $ 9 billion, is not above petty revenge against, for them and against them, the strongest NGOs in the field of anti-extractivism, the international platform London Mining Network and all under the guise of alleged “transparency”.

Source: podrinske.com


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