Macedonia: Electricity Production of HPP Spilje and Globocica Increased

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The Hydro Power Plants Spilje and Globocica on the river Crn Drim have produced a total of 354 million kilowatts per hour of electric energy in the period January – July.

A total of 218 million KWh of electric energy have been produced in hydro power plant Spilje which is 17 percent more than projected production for this period of the year.

Also hydro power plant Globocica realized 12.5 percent higher production. Until July it produced 136 million KWh, which represents implementation of the annual plan by about 72 percent, officials of hydro system “Crn Drim” said.

Both Hydro Power Plants have solid reserve for the production of electricity, which is a guarantee that the good results will continue in the future.

The average water flow of Debar Lake is around 30 and of Globocica is 22 cubic meters per second and accumulation of the Debar Lake has a reserve of water to produce 20 million KWh, officials said.


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