‘Made in Roșia Montană’: Local collective action takes on Canadian mining interests in Romania

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If ‪Tică Darie would live in Canada he would likely be on some “30 under 30” most famous or most something list. But in Roșia Montană, Tică Darie is just Tică Darie. One of the guys trying to make the town “work” through an alternative and sustainable way of doing business that is not related to mining. Roșia Montană is Romania’s oldest mining settlement. It recently gained international attention after it battled a Canadian mining company pursuing an open pit gold drilling project in the area.

I met Tică about a month and half ago when I visited the small town. Forgetting and remembering are quite interrelated processes for me these days yet I remember perfectly the day I visited Roșia Montană. It was one of those rainy and cold summer days that carries out the weight of an entire wet week and equally disperses it into each bone chilling drizzle that touches your skin.

I was talking with someone from a local non-profit organization. When I entered the room I have seen a few pairs of wool socks forgetfully left on the couch.

“Are you selling the socks?” I asked. “I know these socks. And the store. The wool store. I read about them online.”

“No, not me” he said. “It’s Tică who trades them. Once we finish I’ll send for him.”

source: rabble.ca

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