Meeting of Rio Tinto and the citizens of Loznica in Serbia

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Representatives of the company pointed out that anyone who wants to get more detailed information about the project can do so in the company’s Info Centers in Loznica and Brezjak and in Loznica was recently held the first meeting of the working group of the project “Jadar” with local residents about project, but also the impact on the environment, said Rio Tinto.

The participants in the meeting discussed the topics that are of most interest to the citizens, namely the purchase of land – what owners of land and movable and immovable property can expect from the company, what the support program for moving households means. They also talked about the impact of the project on the environment – what the company is doing to protect the environment, the impact on rivers, agricultural land, air; landfill – the manner of disposal and location of the landfill, but all other important issues and aspects of the project “Jadar”.

The director of Rio Sava Exploration in Serbia, Vesna Prodanović, says that cooperation with all interested parties is of key importance for the further development of the project. She announced that the company will continue to communicate transparently in the future, even more intensively, and that the company’s representatives will continue to be available to answer all questions asked by the local community.