MiningSEE, Serbia: Long- term surfce mining development program until 2021 and spatial planing of the RTB Bor mining field

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At the 11th International Conference on surface mining, held on Zlatibor in October in 2014, D. Jenic presented the paper entitled: Long-term surface mining development program until 2021 and spatial planning of the RTB Bor mining field. The paper explains that rational surface mining of the mineral deposit will be performed inside the planning area and it describes measures to neutralize or mitigate adverse environmental and socio-economic impacts of copper mining.
Defined strategy of the mining and metallurgical complex RTB Bor will be viable if all available RTB Bor resources are utilized within the stipulated period in the most rational way and if special attention is paid to realizing all the defined programs.
Development of large-scale surface mining, and mineral raw materials processing plants, dynamic spatial changes and large degradation of the natural and man-made environment make the overall spatial development and improvement inside the mining basin highly specific.
Previous experience in development planning of mining basins, solving specific and complex spatial and development conflicts resulting from permanent spatial changes over a long period as well as the rehabilitation and re-cultivation of degraded land during and after the actual mining operations, require a specific, integral and customized approach to spatial planning and development.
The paper concludes that specific approaches should be developed when creating spatial plans for mining basins, namely:
• Spatial development inside the zone of the future mining operations;
• Development of the operating environment, surface mining zone and the mining and industrial complex;
• Construction and development of settlements for the resettled population, building of new roads, municipal, industrial and other facilities;
• Reservation of areas intended for future roads and other infrastructure inside the area and its surroundings.

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