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Coal basin “Stanari” is located at about 27 kilometers from Doboj. Productive coal sediment cover an area of about 50 square kilometers. Coal excavation on this mine started back in 1948.
Today’s coal production is performed by discontinuous mode, i.e. hydraulic excavators. Transport to the separation is performed by trucks. The total coal production is sold to other parties. Overburden excavation is conducted using an ECS system consisting of bucket-wheel excavator C-700 and ES 5/45 dragline excavator, two floor conveyors and spreader. Deposition of overburden is carried out in the internal dump site.
By large investments in the rehabilitation and purchase of new equipment, mine soon began with profitably operations. Today’s technology of overburden excavation is a combination of continuous and discontinuous operation modes. The consequence of these dynamics is that currently there are about seven million tons of discovered coal, which is enough for the seven years of work by this dynamic. This trend will continue work until the end of exploitation on Raskovac deposit.
On mine there is a problem of overburden disposal due to lag of operations in coal compared with the progress of the internal dump. For this reason, the technology is slightly more modified from the standard solutions.
The “Raskovac” mine, as the whole country and the region, suffered a difficult period of the war, and then a recovery, and later privatization. The level of coal production and overburden always depended on external conditions. Fortunately, today the situation is stable with an unusual excavated overburden and coal amounts ratio.

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