MiningWatchSEE: Analysis of stripping delays compared with projected long term excavation on OCM Veliki Krivelj

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Basic modern approach in the designing in the surface mining is to determine the open cast mine contours on the optimal profit criteria.
Analysis of the mining operations after two and a half years of work, indicates the reduction in the annual average copper content in ore, increase of the ratio of overburden in the upcoming period compared with the planned one, thereby reducing the economic effects of mining, as a result of previous stripping delays. Consequently, the stated facts brings into question the planned exploitation of copper from ore in the flotation process and concentrate planned quality. Altogether acts as a negative impact on the economic effects of business operations.
Although there is a necessity of finding short-term solutions in situations when stripping is late and threatened by discontinuity in ore excavation, a common practice is to solve the problem departing of designed solutions, which essentially just postpone consequences of delay.

We should also pay attention on the question whether it will in the future, if described trend of development continues, be possible in the deposit to find any open pit contour, by any optimization, which will be economically viable, without investment stripping period and with cost-effective service exploitation life.
The summary of this paper is signed by three authors: Zoran Vaduveskovic, Mile Bugarin i Daniel Krzanovic.