MiningWatchSEE: Mining waste impact on the enviroment

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Stabilization and solidification are processes in which the application of physical and chemical properties of cementitious binders, or chemical transformation with the help of the additives, reduces the mobility of hazardous and harmful substances from waste.

The most important information about this material is that its deposition without pre-treatment, is strictly prohibited.
are processes that include a wide range of technologies that are closely related to the chemical or physical processes of reduction the potential negative environmental impact of disposal of radioactive, hazardous or mixed waste on the ground without pre-treatment.
Stabilization is a process in which the application of chemical processes reduces waste material characteristics that make it hazardous. The component is transformed into less soluble form, which is less toxic.
Solidification is the process by which hazardous waste, by using additives, is transformed into waste material which does not have any danger impact to the environment.
Processes does not apply to waste materials containing semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds. The main reason is that the process may cause release of heat energy, thereby increasing the impact of hazardous waste on the environment, during the emission of hazardous and harmful components in the air.

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