Montenegrin Parliament launches investigation of Možura wind farm

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The new majority in the Parliament of Montenegro plans to launch a parliamentary investigation into a suspicious million-dollar deal – the construction of a wind farm on the Možura hill, between Bar and Ulcinj. This was announced by the three ruling coalitions after the daily Dan published the confession of the Spanish entrepreneur Carles Palou Cola, one of the actors in the affair.

It is a case under investigation by the Montenegrin Special State Prosecutor’s Office (SDT), the European police service Europol and the police authorities of the state of Malta as part of the investigation into corruption schemes and the murder of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia.

Among other things, Kohl said that the Spanish company Fersa Energias Renovables should have paid four million euros to the current director of the Montenegrin Fund for Housing and Solidarity Construction (CFSSI), Danilo Popović, as part of the construction of the Možura wind farm, although he was not in that business. He pointed out that he did not know to whom, whether and how Popović should have taken the money, “but it is obvious that Fersa acted outside the law, working against its shareholders, the free market and all official regulatory institutions and Spain and Montenegro, and for such a thing, participation and / or cooperation with people in the state leadership of Montenegro was absolutely necessary. ”

Based on the official data of the Montenegrin state bodies, it can be concluded that the key issues related to the Možura project were decided by the then Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, who is now the President of the state, and the then Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Branimir Gvozdenović. The functionary of the Civic Movement URA, Zoran Mikić, announced that the party will ask for a parliamentary investigation into the Možura affair.

“We will also ask for the reaction of the new prosecution.” Things are clear here because the papers exist and we have them, “Mikić said.

The Law of Montenegro also announced that the Možura case should be on the list of priorities of the new government.

“In the previous period, the Možura project opened more than well-founded suspicions that the state leadership was involved in corruption, which resulted in the murder of a journalist in Malta. The resolution of that case, the new government must have on its list of priorities, so we must act in the right way, “said Marko Milačić, MP and leader of the Right of Montenegro.

The coalition “Peace is our nation” announced to Dan that it would support the initiative of colleagues on the parliamentary investigation into the Možura project.





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