Montenegro: Agreement on TE second block will be ready by July 31st

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If it is implemented successfully, the Agreement on the construction of the Thermal Power Plant (TE) ‘Pljevlja’ second block will be important for business of the ‘Skoda Praha’ company not only in Montenegro, but in the Western Balkans, the Czech Prime Minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, said yesterday in Prague.

“A range of our companies have been running their business in Montenegro, but I am emphasising the success of ‘Skoda Praha’, since the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) has selected its offer as the best for the TE second block construction,” Mr Sobotka said during a joint news conference with the PM Milo Djukanovic.

As he said, Montenegro was an important partner for the Czech Republic in the region, which was proved by the fact that trade between the two countries had been doubled. He reminded that about 50,000 Czech tourists visited Montenegro every year, adding that a new airline route launched between Prague and Podgorica would certainly help tourism.

Asked by a Czech journalist about implementation of the TE second block project, MP Djukanovic said the process was being conducted thoroughly for a year and a half.

“I believe we will create final conditions for beginning of the project soon,” Mr Djukanovic said.

He reminded that initial plan had been to provide conditions for signing contract by June 30th, but the deadline had been extended until July 31st due to “minor issues”.

“I believe that we will have all the conditions for the signing the contract then. A new contract infrastructure is being created simultaneously aimed at final signing of the intergovernmental contract by which we will provide a legal basis for the investment implementation,” Djukanovic said.

He added that they worked on establishing a separate company for the purposes of the investment implementation.

“For the time being, the Government owns 51% stake in the new company, and the EPCG 49%. The ownership structure of the company is open and we want to attract some more investors willing to participate in the construction of the thermal power plant, worth €350 million,” Djukanovic said, adding that this investment was important of Montenegro at multiple levels.

Source; Agencies

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