Montenegro: Electricity production plans 2015, HPPs & TPP

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In the first half of 2015 Montenegro power utility EPCG HPPs accomplished stable production. There were some imports of electricity but exported electricity price was 60% higher than the average price of imported electricity.
Two biggest HPPs for the first half of 2015 produced 743 GWh.
Lack of projected water inflows during the march-june period conditioned smaller inflows of Zeta river and therefore decreased production, 50-70MW below the balanced values for this year. The same situation was on Piva river HPP.
According to EPCG department for energy management EPCG decided to preserve the accomulations for the summer season and to export this electricity on prices higher than 50EUR/MWh
TPP Pljevlja in the first half of 2015 produced 610Gwh, 95% of the plan. Overhaul season lasted for 3 months. Due to the regional market conditions and due to the economical reasons TPP was reconnected to the grid beginning of june.
During first half of 2015 EPCG imported 441.310MWh, exported 235.732MWh. According to EPCG average price of exported electricity was 60% higher than the imported electricity price.
According to the annual energy balance for 2015, total Montenegro production of electricity is projected on 3198GWh which is 5% more than in 2014. Projected production in HPP Perucica for 2015 is 950GWh, HPP Piva projection is 782Gwh which is an increase of 13% compared with 2014. Planed 2015 production for TPP Pljevlja is 1.406GWh which is an increase of 6% compared with 2014.

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