Montenegro: EPCG – Environmental reconstruction of TPP Pljevlja until 2020

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The Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG) should conclude a contract with the consortium by the end of the year, which will do the ecological reconstruction of the first block of the thermal power plant (TPP) Pljevlja, which will finish the work within the timeframe, by 2022, the company announced.


At the beginning of November, the EPCG commission decided that the consortium made up of Dec International, Bemax, BB Solar and Permonte submitted the most favorable tender for the project.

The value of the ecological redevelopment project is € 54.5 million including tax, and the consortium has submitted a bid of € 54.4 million.

“We expect that everything will go smoothly and that by the end of the year we will be able to conclude a contract with a contractor who will finish the work as scheduled by 2022,” EPCG told MINA.

With their environmental reconstruction, all emissions and products of combustion of coal and chemical processes in the production of electricity will be reduced to below the permitted limits.

“Also, the working life, operational readiness and reliability of the thermal power plant will be significantly extended,” the company said.

They stated that, based on the number of hours worked so far, investing in equipment revitalization and generating power to the generator up to 225 megawatts (MW) will extend the life of the power plant.

“With the environmental reconstruction of the first block, it has been estimated that the thermal power complex in Pljevlja (TEP-RUP) will work without difficulty for the next 20-30 years,” EPCG said.

They pointed out that the thermal power complex (TEP-RUP) in Pljevlja generates 1.2 thousand jobs, and as a basic source of electricity the thermal power plant is extremely important from the point of view of stable operation of the power system.

The EPCG emphasized that along with the ecological reconstruction, a source of thermal energy will be provided for the heating of Pljevlja and the final annulment of numerous individual fireboxes, which most endanger the environment in the northernmost municipality of Montenegro.

Asked how much the chances of the investment being exceeded, the company said that in the tender documentation for the open procedure of public procurement of works defined all economic and technical details of the project of ecological reconstruction of the thermal power plant.

The estimated value of the project, they stated, was made on the basis of the preliminary design done by the renowned company Steag Energy Services GmbH from Germany.


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