Montenegro must consider connecting electrical energy market

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When it comes to forming a market of electrical energy, Montenegro must consider connecting with one of its neighbors, said executive director of Nord Pool Consulting Hans-Arild Bredesen.

Speaking to a publication Elektroprivreda he said that forming a market for electrical energy is not a simple process, and Montenegro has several options when it comes to a model of organized market.

“Montenegro has several options. One is to form its own market, but in this case it should be to form a connection with one of its neighbors. There is an option to connect with an already existing market in regional countries as well”, Bredesen said. He has 20 years of experience in development of markets of electrical energy.

According to him, there are no “right” answers. His attitude is that Montenegro must connect the market from the very beginning.

When asked when does he expect the market in South-eastern Europe to become developed enough to joined connected markets of EU, he said that Nord Pool Consulting has been active in the region for more than ten years already.

“By sharing expertise in efficient and transparent energy markets we were a part of development of the regional market, along with national companies and energy community, and we took part in forming markets in Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Croatia”, Bredesen said.

This region, he says, has reached a point where modern, transparent mechanisms are already being implemented.

“Albania has started to develop national market of electrical energy based on EU model. Local markets demonstrated great interested in construction of modern markets, which is a condition for success”, Bredesen said.

Nord Pool, he reminded, establishes and develops markets of electrical energy since 1993.

According to Bredesen, there are three key elements in forming successful market of electrical energy – cooperation, trust and time.

“Cooperation between governments, providers, producers, industry, regulators”, Bredesen said.

When it comes to trust, transparency is key in Nord Pool.

“Time – establishing the market is only the small piece of its reform. It is important to have a holistic approach. In some countries of the region, investing in transmission facilities is a condition”, Bredesen said.

He believes that it is possible to establish smaller national markets with a clear goal of connecting with neighbors while keeping national control over their development, especially in the early stages.


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