Montenegro: Skoda is building Thermal power plant in Pljevlja?

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Board of managers at “Elektroprivreda Crne Gore” decided to start negotiations with “Skoda” with respect to construction of the second block at “Termoelektrane” in Pljevlja.

“Skoda Praha” offered construction of the second block with the power of 254 megawatts at the price of EUR 338,5 m , while annual production of electrical energy would be 1.600 gigawatt hours .

According to tender terms, “Skoda Praha” is obliged to provide a loan to investor totaling 85% of investment, Podgorica’s Pobjeda reports.

The newspaper reminds that in the latest agreement of the Government and Italian company A2A, which expires in July, it was agreed that Italian management manages by that deadline da “Elektroprivreda”, without disturbing construction of the second block.

In EPCG, the state has 57,02% of shares and Italian A2A as a strategic partner has 41,75% share.

For the construction of the second block at “Termoelektrane” in Pljevlja, the Government and A2A also decided to set up new company so new subsidiary was established of the Electric Power Industry, i.e. SPV (special purpose vehicle), through which funding and construction of the second block should be implemented.

In the previous period, it was planned to set aside thermal power plant from Elekroprivreda and its merge with the Coal Mine. Government owns 51% stake at thermal power plant while 49% belongs to Elektroprivreda.

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