Montenegro: TPP Pljevlja project critics by Environment NGOs

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General lack of basic information on the construction of the second unit of the thermal power plant in Pljevlje, and more than irresponsible behaviour by the Government, opens a huge space for doubt that this project is not implemented to satisfy the public interest, but solely for the profit interest of the energy lobby and its spokesmen in the Government of Montenegro, says the Network for the affirmation of the non-government sector
They claim that it is very easy to expect that the construction of this unit will be another “stone around the neck” for the citizens of Montenegro who will be expected to cover from their own pocket the holes in the budget that are the consequence of the catastrophic economy policy of the Government of Montenegro.
“The Second unit of the Thermal Power Plant will certainly increase the consumption of the coal in Montenegro and take it further away from the recommendations by the international community and goals set by the EU regarding the reduction of the dependence of energy systems from the so called dirty energy. It is completely incomprehensible that while the rest of the world is making plans to limit the participation of coal in their energy systems and to close down the thermal power plants, Montenegro is working actively to open new capacities and maximize use of the existing coal reserves” MANS says.
According their claims, the decision to construct the new energy capacity has been made under the pretext that there is an energy deficit which is yet to be proved by the Government with specific figures, with completely unrealistic projections of the future economy growth and higher energy demand in Montenegro.
“In the same time, negotiations are being held with the Italian company A2A on the continuation of the management contract. The Government claims that the future model of financing the construction will depend on those negotiations. Not a single detail regarding these negotiations is available to public and the Government has not explained in what way it intends to continue the cooperation with A2A despite the fact that this company has not fulfilled a large part of the previous management contract” this organization says.
They repeated that they have published the results of their research earlier on, which show that in the Pljevlje region there is not enough coal for the entire planned operation period of the new Unit of TPP Pljevlje, even if they would exploit the so called non profitable pits.
“Analysis which is based on the data which are available to the Government shows that this project is against the healthy economic logic, and that they are entering it at any cost, regardless of the consequences that this project will make to the Montenegrin economy and environment. It is still not known what will be the total cost of this investment “adventure” for the citizens of Montenegro and whether this investment will be profitable at all. It is not known where the money is coming from for this investment nor whether the state will provide guarantees and to what amount”, MANS concludes.

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