NGO MANS and Montenegrin Ministry Still Arguing over Pljevlja 2 TPP

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The argument between the Montenegrin Investigative Institute and the Montenegrin Ministry of Economy in regards to building a second unit at the Pljevlja thermal power plant is not yet over. In March MANS warned that building the Pljevlja 2 TPP is economically unviable. Now, however, it claims that the TPP is not needed, and the ministry responded saying that Montenegro has a deficit of electricity. It added that the state-owned power company Elektroprivreda Crne Gore has been recording an electricity production deficit in the past years. Last year alone EPCG implemented a total purchase of electricity amounting to 1,031.388 MWh, while total electricity sales amounted to 498,294 MWh, which clearly indicates a lack of electricity.
In a response to MANS’ claims on its website, the ministry stressed that the Pljevlja 2 TPP is vital for energy stability and energy independence. “Therefore, the Pljevlja 2 TPP is needed.”


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