One third of the Bajgora wind farm in Kosovo is currently online

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One third of the Bajgora wind farm in Kosovo is currently online, after it was SoWi Kosovo company approved to start testing. Nine turbine products electricity and is supplied to the high voltage network.

After the transmission line was installed and then tested a month ago, the wind farm Peasants 1 entered the trial period. Kosovo. Energy was transferred to start 35 MW, the first part of the project, which is being built with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD.

SoWi Kosovo, a mixed company started by Israeli and German investors, nine turbines purchased by General Electric were connected to 110 kV transmission line. That high-voltage connection, almost 20 kilometers long, it was completed in late July.

The total annual production is estimated at 320 GWh

It is added that the 105 MW project is in Bajgora near Seljac, also known as Villagers, divided into three phases. The first part consists of nine generators. This one wind farm in the municipality of Mitrovica is financed by the EBRD with a loan of 58 million euros. Erste Bank and the NLB Group are also participating.

The assembly is 110 meters high, and the diameter of the turbine system is 137 meters. The annual performance is estimated at 320 GWh and the power plant is designed to last at least 25 years.

The system, transmission and market operator (KOSTT) put on the wires on the transmission line elements that make them more visible to birds, to prevent them from bumping into the installation.

In domestic production, Kosovo’s power system depends 95% on coal. The Selaci project near the village of Bajgora is only the second wind farm there. Kitka plant, of 32.4 MW, is connected to the network in 2018. The owners intend to expanded by another 20 MW.

The Budakov system, developed by Bondcom Energy Point, is planned to reach 46 MW. Another advanced project is the 100 MW Çiçavica wind farm Akuo Energy works for him.

Air Energy 2 recently revealed its intention to install two 34.8 wind farms each MW. StubllaEnergy needs to set up a 170 MW hybrid power plant, of which it would wind turbines accounted for 132 MW.


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