Reforestation is necessary for the recovery of the planet

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Human impacts have already led to the loss of about 40% of the world’s forests, and global demand for wood products is expected to triple over the next three decades.

World Forest Day is marked under the slogan “Reforestation – the path to recovery and prosperity”, emphasizing the importance of these ecosystems whose destruction endangers human health and the health of our planet.

From the air we breathe to the trees we use, forests are key to our lives. They are the habitat for more than half of the world’s terrestrial species, and globally more than a billion people live in forests and their surroundings. After the ocean, forests are the largest store of carbon. Despite all the services they provide us, we are destroying forests at an alarming rate. “There is no doubt that the quality of our lives largely depends on preserved forests. They regulate the climate in which we live, mitigate floods, protect land, provide drinking water, provide shelter to various wild species and much more. It is high time that we seriously change our attitude towards forests so that they can continue to provide us with these existential services. Our public policies should set specific and ambitious goals for the restoration of forest habitats, in terms of improving their ecological status, and not just increasing the area or the percentage of afforestation, “said Goran Sekulic from WWF Adria.

As part of its “Protected Areas for Nature and People” program, WWF advocates for more transparent and open decision-making and planning processes in the use of natural resources. In forestry, these processes remain closed and limited mainly to a narrow circle of institutions and public enterprises. The participation of other sectors and the general public is very low.

“Today we are already in a situation where any loss of forest area, ie its conversion and construction, is an unacceptable luxury that harms the whole society and it should be prevented at all costs,” adds Sekulic.