Region: Most electricity in Balkan countries generated from coal

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According to the South East Europe Energy Watchdog Report 2016 of the South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policy, most of the electricity in Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia has been generated from coal in 2014.
Kosovo and Albania have the least diverse electricity mixes in the region, with Kosovo generating 99 % of its electricity from coal in 2013 and Albania generating 100 % of its electricity from hydropower since 2010. Macedonia and Serbia are the second most coal dependent countries in the region after Kosovo, with 76 % and 64.8 % respectively of their electricity generated from coal-fired power plants in 2014. For comparison, the European Union generated 26.1 % of electricity from coal in 2013.
Regarding electricity losses and theft, Albania has overtaken Kosovo with the highest losses in the region, since 40 % of its electricity in 2010 was lost or stolen in transmission and distribution. On the other hand, Croatia has the lowest losses in the region, with 10.4 % in 2014, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina with 12.4 %. The EU average is 6.39 %.
Serbia had the highest CO2 emissions per capita in 2013, when it amounted to 6.33 tons. Although, this is similar to the EU average, its is alarming that the EU average is decreasing, while emissions in Serbia are growing in the recent years.