Repeated EC proceedings against Serbia

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According to the data for 2018 and 2019, due to which the Secretariat initiated the procedure, the shows were out of the allowed.

Thus, during 2018, there was an excess when it comes to powdery substances (PM), but quantitatively, there were far more excessive CO2 emissions. Thus, instead of the allowed almost 55,000 tons of SO2 annually, in 2018, six times more were emitted than allowed. This fact is also very worrying considering that it is not a small deviation, but the shows have been largely exceeded and the question is whether they will be lowered to an acceptable level in the near future.

The situation was somewhat better during 2019, but that was not enough, because a procedure was initiated against Serbia due to these violations. Namely, although there has been a drop below the permitted limits when it comes to powdery substances, Serbia still has major problems with CO2 emissions. Thus, during 2019, there was a reduction in emissions compared to 2018 by slightly more than 30,000 tons of CO2, but that is still than allowed.

It is interesting to point out that for both years there was a harmonized emission when it comes to the amount of total NOx emissions.

What does the initiated procedure mean in the case of Serbia?

The actions that have been initiated against Serbia so far have the goal of warning and warning that the application of what Serbia has committed itself to in the EU membership has not been respected.

Serbia, as well as other members, according to the Treaty establishing the EC, in the case of more serious and permanent violations of its commitments, will mostly receive the most suspensions of voting rights.

This further means that from these processes, Serbia is given only a warning and a warning to return to fulfilling its obligations. In the long run, if Serbia continues to violate its obligations, it would primarily mean jeopardizing its goals of energy transition and solving the problem of excessive air pollution.

As a last resort, the Energy Community may suspend certain membership rights of Serbia or impose sanctions on it, as has been the case with Bosnia and Herzegovina since this winter. The reason for these sanctions against BiH are the consequence of serious and permanent omissions in the work of the competent authorities when it comes to adoption, and the application of regulations is in question.