Republic of Srpska: TPP STANARI – During trial production, environmental protection second most important task of modern power plant

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After the EFT group built a modern power plant next to the mine in Stanari near Doboj at the end of last year even before deadline, this thermal power plant having the installed capacity of 300 megawatts, in which around 530 million euros was invested in mine modernization and TPP construction, the trial production began and it is still ongoing. The construction of this power facility is of great importance for the development of BiH, but also for the economic prosperity of the youngest municipality in RS, Stanari, because around five hundred workers have been employed.
What is very important to emphasize is that, during construction, and now in the trial production phase, there have not been any risks when it comes to environmental protection, because the residents of the local community were timely and well informed about everything. No wonder, because, while building this plant on “turnkey basis”, based on designed documentation, the experts of the EFT Group completely opted for the TPP Stanari to be a modern power plant, built according to EU directives. Nothing was left to chance.
Una Matko Stamenković, an ecological consultant in this plant, says:
-The TPP Stanari will be the first plant brought into conformity with the LCPD Directive (Large Combustion Plants Directive, A/N), which prescribes strict criteria for the emission of sulphur amounting to 200 milligrams per cubic meter and the emission of N0x compounds lower than 200 milligrams per cubic meter. Bag filters will be used for controlling the emissions of solid particles-dust, and limestone will also be put into boilers. After passing through the bag filter, the concentration of solid particles in flue gases, exhausted through the chimney, will amount to less than 20 milligrams per cubic meter – says Una Matko.
In this way, in TPP Stanari, they expect to reduce sulphur emission below the limit values of 200 milligrams per cubic meter, defined by LCPD criteria, as well as to lower nitrogen oxides.
– It is important to mention that the LCPD Directive on the limitation of emissions of pollutants into the air from large plants, entered into force back in 2001, so all members of the European Community, BiH among them, are obliged to implement the LCPD Directives by 31st December next year in all thermal power facilities with the capacity higher than 50 megawatts.

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