Republika Srpska: New 300MW TPP Stanari, state of the art ash disposal area in the region

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The Minister of Spatial planning, Civil Engineering and Environment in Republika Srpska, Mrs Srebrenka Golic, stated that the landfill planned for disposal of solid waste generated by coal combustion in Thermal Power Plant /TPP/ Stanari represents the state-of-the-art ash disposal area in the whole region with investment value of EUR 2.500.000.

During the site visit, Mrs Golic said to the media representatives that the Ministry issued new Resolution in late July this year that refers to the extraordinary audits of Environmental Permit granted to RiTE Stanari (Mine and Thermal Power Plant), due to the conformance of regulations in Large Combustion Plants Directive on reduction of air pollutant emission, with the regulations stipulated by Energy Community with its seat in Vienna, that are nowadays more strict for the Investor.

Upon the arrival to the thermal power plant construction area, Mrs Golic stated that TPP substation had been granted the Use Permit in July this year.

“The Investor shall address the Ministry with the Request for Technical Approval of Thermal Power Plant that shall commence its test operation late this year”, Golic said and highlighted that the Investor committed approx. EUR 500.000.000 into the entire operation of RiTE Stanari (Mine and Thermal Power Plant Stanari).

She added that the Investor engaged its machinery for cleaning the bed of small local river Ostruznja with the aim to prevent the area from flooding. Mrs Golic stated that she is satisfied with the fact that local workforce is engaged in appropriate fields of expertise whenever the project requirements are met.
“The Investor initially has taken over 255 employees from the previous coal mine management. Currently, there are 606 employees and this number is expected to rise up to 900 employees in the TPP Operation Period” – Mrs Golic added.

Mrs Golic also reminded that RiTE Stanari (Mine and Thermal Power Plant Stanari) paid EUR 700.000 in 2014. based on concession fees to the budget of Republika Srpska, which amounts to approx.  EUR 3.500.000 including taxes and employee benefits.

Director of Investment Sector in EFT Group, Mr Zlatan Matko, said that the ash disposal area is covering approximately two hectares. According to him, the complete construction of this disposal area shall cost approx. EUR 2.500.000

“The capacity of this disposal area shall serve up to ten years of operation, depending on its usage.  The ash might be used in cement industry and road construction. However, we have chosen to build this area as if we are disposing it all without any sale”, Mr Matko said. According to Mr. Matko, around seven percent of total coal quantity ends up as ash and TPP shall annually burn 2.000.000 tonnes of coal. As he said, the ash will be transported to the disposal area by trucks that will be washed in separate truck-wash area in order to avoid ash dispersion on the road.

Technical Director of TPP Stanari, Mr Savo Mirkovic, said that the civil works at TPP construction area entered its final phase, therefore, functional trial operations started and TPP trial operation and its synchronization are expected to take place in December.

The Manager in charge of TPP Construction, Mr Hu Mingsheng, said that the construction works shall be completed by September next year. Mr Hu said he expected Thermal Power Plant Stanari to commence Trial Operation late this year and Commercial Operation in April next year since the construction works had been performed in accordance with the amended work schedule and should be completed six months before the deadline expiry. He thanked the local subcontractors, institutions and media for support.

Thermal Power Plant in Stanari has gross capacity of 300 MW with the planned annual power generation of 2.000 GWh and annual coal consumption of 2.300.000t.

This Company has been running the business under the name “EFT-Rudnik i Termoelektrana Stanari” since 2010. Total value of this project is more than EUR 560.000.000 including costs for thermal power plant construction and mine development necessary to satisfy TPP capacity needs.

This Company signed the TPP Stanari Construction Agreement with Chinese Company “Dongfang Electric Corporation” and provided the Facility Loan of EUR 350.000.000 from the Chinese Development Bank.

Upon completion, Thermal Power Plant and Coal Mine will have approximately 900 employees. This will be the first power plant in Southeast Europe fully implementing EU technological and environmental standards so that Doboj and wide surrounding area shall not be polluted whatsoever.

Source; Agencies

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