Rio Tinto invited the public and NGO representatives to a meeting on lithium mine project

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The planned online meeting of the Anglo-Australian mining company Rio Tinto will be held on June 3, at 11 am, and the topic will be water management within the “Jadar” project.

Rio Tinto invited representatives of non-governmental organizations and the general public of Serbia to the second open meeting to get more detailed information and get answers to questions about the research project near Lozinica, the deposit of “jadarite” – a commercially profitable mineral containing lithium and boron.

Registration for the meeting is through the Rio Tinto website, no later than 5 pm on June 2.

Representatives of Rio Sava and experts from scientific institutions involved in the project will answer the questions.

The next open meeting, on the topic of waste management within the “Jadar” project, will be on July 13.

Residents of the Jadra Valley and environmental organizations oppose Rio Tinto excavating jadarite because they believe that it will endanger the rivers Drina and Jadar, as well as the surrounding agricultural land and the entire area. They also believe that the population will be forced to move out due to pollution.



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