Romania: China General Nuclear Power Corporation will build two NPP reactors for NuclearElectrica

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Romanian company for atomic energetics “NuclearElectrica” believes that by the end of the year it will reach an agreement on the construction of the third and fourth unit of the nuclear power plant Cernavoda with Chinese group China General Nuclear Power Corporation, for which it was announced last year that it was winner of the tender, organized by the Romanian state.

The Chinese company is the only one who has submitted an offer to participate in the construction of two new reactors. The project is now estimated at about 6.45 billion EUR. However, feasibility studies upon which is based the necessary investment will be revised.

“Currently, these companies are negotiating. Negotiations normally take place, and we believe that we will reach an agreement by the end of this year”, writes in the statement of the company NuklearElectrica.

The nuclear power plant Cernavoda is designed for five reactors Kandu 6, of the Canadian production. The first reactor was commissioned in 1996th and the second in August 2007th. Two reactors cover about 17-18% of the energy needs of Romania.


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