Romania: EUR 750 mln to green certificate exemptions for 19 companies

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The Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Tourism has granted 19 energy intensive companies agreements for exemption from a part of the number of green certificates in the mandatory quota. Based on with GO 495/2014, some energy intensive companies can receive green certificate exemptions within a range between 40 and 85 percent, in order to keep their competitiveness.

Secretary of state Maricel Popa expressed hope that economic operators supported by this action will keep their employees, will invest in the modernization and refurbishment of production capacities, promote young workforce and will bring their contribution to increasing energy efficiency, reducing the technology gap against competing EU firms and reducing harmful effects on the environment.

He said at the same time that the exemption from payment certificates are valid for 10 years, but will be monitored annually. In 2016 will be made a first check that the selected companies have maintained the eligibility criteria.

Companies that have received these exempting agreements operate in the fields of chemical fertilizer production, recycling, steel industry, cement, paper and cardboard.


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